You may have heard spiritual teachers share that there’s no one to awaken; that we’re already and have always been that which we’re seeking. 

This is the great paradox at the heart of all seeking.

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We understand this conceptually, but the questions remain:

How do we come to an Absolute understanding that goes beyond the mind?
What will bring our seeking to an end?

And for those who’ve had a glimpse of self-realization or as an abiding reality, a life lived from this awareness continues.

Pure Presence Conferences brought together some of the world’s best wisdom teachers with a diverse global community of engaged participants for deep conversations, ample opportunities for questions, and direct practice all held within a joyful and supportive space.

We have one purpose: to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT individuals to realize the Self in this lifetime, and then take it one step further and LIVE this understanding.

At The End of Seeking Conference, we explore questions such as: 

✨ What are we seeking?

✨ Who is the seeker?

✨ If there’s no self to awaken, then who awakens?

✨ What is the role of a teacher and spiritual practices if I’m already awakened?

✨ Is there anything I can do to speed up this process?

✨ How do I know if I’m awake? 

✨ What am I missing in my understanding that keeps me on this seeming plateau?

✨ When I see through self-illusion, what happens then?

✨ How does one stay awake permanently?

✨ What is the ongoing work required to integrate an awakening?

✨ How do I live and function in the world from an awakened state?

Pure Presence Conferences are made possible by generous donations from you, our conference attendees, and the purchase of video/audio replays. This allows us to offer free access to all who are called to participate and also meet our costs so we’re able to continue to offer these inspired events. 

If you’ve received benefit or support from the conference, please join us in our work to inspire, encourage, and support individuals to realize the Self in this lifetime and then to live this understanding. 

Thank you! 

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A Deeper Dive Workshop into the Four Steps to Healing, Health & Happiness 
with Lisa Natoli

If you enjoyed these 4-steps with Lisa Natoli during The End of Seeking Conference and would like to spend more time with Lisa in the deeper investigation going over these steps more fully, with long quiet time, more reflection along with a 30-minute “Be in Love with your Life” guided meditation to experience peace, joy, wholeness, and gratitude.

2-hour On demand Livestream Workshop 

The Divine Connection 
with Louise Kay

Your happiness is not dependent on external circumstances or your life situation, but on your inner connection to the Divine. The focus of this workshop will be on how to directly experience the peace and unconditional love of this Divine inner connection, which is alive within each of us, through surrendering fully to what is and becoming deeply present in the NOW. 

90-minute session

Undoing Blockages to Love's Awareness: A Simple Moving Meditation 
with Jeff Bailey

Looking for Truth is like looking for your hat while it sits atop your head. The more we look, the harder it is to see It. Our yoga is to undo the blockages to the awareness of Love's Presence, which is the end of seeking!

Join Jeff Bailey in this simple moving meditation designed to help let go of the need to seek solutions where they cannot be found. We'll undo both physical and mental restrictions that reveal lasting Freedom.

30-minute Class

Healing Yoga 
with Linda Yameen

Linda presents a 60-minute workshop focusing on hips and low back. Each shape is a short meditation, allowing healing in the mind and the body. Many times the restrictions in the body reflect restrictions in the mind. Use this class as a time for deep reflection and contemplation on the True Self.

60-minute Workshop

Responsible Decision Making  
with Jon Mundy, Ph.D.

According to A Course in Miracles, if we’re not happy, it’s because we are not fulfilling our function, and fulfilling our function is a matter of willingness. We need guidance at the mind level where change is possible.

90-minute Session

The Key to Self-Inquiry 
with Shakti Caterina Maggi

Seeking is an unstoppable drive in our life that will find a resolution in the realization of what it is in us that is looking for itself. 

60-minute Satsang and Q&A
What do you truly want? 
with Ann Sweet & Amir Freimann

Join Anne and Amir for a 60-minute interview-style conversation in which they discuss the circumstances of Anne’s awakening and the factors that made the breakthrough possible, as well as explore further the various paradoxes of Enlightenment. This includes a discussion on integrity, honesty, and the need for an inner alignment with Truth. They speak about evolution beyond awakening and what it means to have both a deeply human as well as a cosmic or universal perspective on life.

60-minute interview

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Here's What Others Are Saying

  • My favourite moment so far is when Rupert said, “You will never be able to connect to God because you cannot connect with something that you already are.

    — Patti R
    — Patti R

    End of Seeking Attendee

  • I have attended every one of your Pure Presence conferences, and every time I come away with the same comment: "the best conference ever!!!" Thank you.

    — Jan B.
    — Jan B.

    End of Seeking Attendee

  • The conference was the best ever as we all rise together on the tide of awareness. Thank you so much for this precious gift!!

    — Laurel E
    — Laurel E

    End of Seeking Attendee

  • I loved everything. Everything. The mind is subservient to Awareness. It can't be any other way. Made my day. Thank you so much Bill Free.

    — Doris
    — Doris

    End of Seeking Attendee

  • What a wonderful gift you have given us all. So much gratitude for each presenter, each sharer, and each shared perception. Love and thanks to all!

    — Pam F.
    — Pam F.

    End of Seeking Attendee

  • Everyone I listened to was absolutely awesome but I especially loved Ellen & her very loving, compassionate way of being in the body. Much love & gratitude!!

    — Sue
    — Sue

    End of Seeking Attendee

  • Thank you for this online event which provide us with community, time to be with like-minded seekers, and ways to confirm our sense of where we are on the path.

    — Marta and Dave
    — Marta and Dave

    End of Seeking Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about the Presenters?

✨   For many who attended there may have been something that spoke to you in one of the sessions or one of the teachers comments that intuited you to go deeper with the teacher. If this is the case for you and you notice that little nudge to check them out, please take advantage of this link to the speakers page and click on the presenter that spoke to you so you can find out more. On each speaker’s page, you’ll find links to their websites, YouTube channel, books and social media accounts.  

How do I purchase the Conference Recordings?

✨   You will be able to access replays with the purchase of one of the Replay Packages

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