Jeff Bailey

Founder, Teacher, Author, Avita Yoga®

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Jeff Bailey is the founder of Avita Yoga®, a moving meditation that heals in body and mind. Jeff has found remarkable parallels between the Yoga Sutras and A Course in Miracles. They both point to our nondual truth! The yoga or practice is essentially the same: Instead of trying to fix the problem or pursue a solution, we bring the blockages to the light. It's a formula that works for both physical and mental freedom. But don't take his word for it; join Jeff and find out for yourself! 

Jeff has success working with people of all ages who deal with physical issues, chronic stiffness, and pain. He also heads up the annual online Avita Yoga Teacher Training. Jeff has developed a series of online classes that use yoga shapes to reveal the problem and bring resolution at the same time. It's not fancy, but it is simple and practical. You can learn more at

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