Anne Sweet

Author, Spiritual Friend/Advisor; Exhibiting Artist, The End of Seeking website

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After an intensive 25-year search and in the midst of a spiritual and personal crisis after leaving her last teacher, Anne finally realized what had always been present as her true nature: the unchanging, boundless, timeless, ever-fulfilled Self. 

In recent years she has begun to speak and write publicly about this profound shift of identity and understanding, not as a teacher, but as a friend and advisor. Anne created The End of Seeking website as a free resource to help simplify and demystify the spiritual search for others and to give seekers the tools and knowledge they may need to independently navigate the often confusing and at times hazardous contemporary spiritual marketplace.

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The End of Seeking: Who or What remains?

Amir Freimann Anne Sweet

What do you truly want?

Amir Freimann Anne Sweet