Jeffery A. Martin, PhD

Academic Researcher, Author, Educator

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Jeffery is an academic researcher, serial entrepreneur, technologist, and investor who specializes in advancing the highest forms of human well-being. For over a decade he has conducted the largest international study on Fundamental Wellbeing, which includes the types of consciousness commonly known as enlightenment, nonduality, the peace that passeth understanding, unitive experience, and hundreds of other terms. This resulted in the first reliable, cross-cultural and pan-tradition classification system for these types of experiences. More recently, he has used this research to make systems available to help people obtain profound psychological benefits in a rapid, secular, reliable, and safe way. He is also the founder of the Transformative Technology space, which has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar ecosystem that promotes the use of science and technology to substantially raise human mental and emotional well-being. 

In addition to his well-being work, Jeffery is a bestselling author and award-winning educator who has authored, co-authored, or co-edited over 20 books. The latest book on his research is The Finders. His work has regularly been featured at leading academic conferences worldwide, as well as major public forums such as Deepak Chopra's Sages and Scientists Symposium, Wisdom 2.0, H+, the Science and Nonduality Conference, the Asia Consciousness Festival, and TEDx. 

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Jeffery A. Martin, PhD