Anne Sweet Amir Freimann

The End of Seeking: Who or What remains?

A session with Anne Sweet and Amir Freimann

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About this Session

In this interview-style session, Anne and Amir will discuss what it means to come to the end of seeking for oneself and how to know if/when you are awake. They will explore some of the many paradoxes of Awakening, including addressing the questions: who or what awakens and what does awakening mean for the personal sense of self? Why if I am already that which I seek do I have to make so much effort to realize it?

There will be plenty of time for Q&A at the end of the session.

About The Speakers

Anne Sweet

Anne Sweet

Author, Spiritual Friend/Advisor; Exhibiting Artist, The End of Seeking website

Amir Freimann

Amir Freimann

Author and Researcher on 'Living Transcendence’