Jeff Bailey

The Undoing of Avita Yoga

A session with Jeff Bailey (Founder, Teacher, Author, Avita Yoga®)

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About this Session

Our yoga is to undo the blockages to the awareness of Love's Presence, which is the end of seeking! Seeking is exhausting and futile.

You probably think that yoga is to be accomplished or bettered. It's not true. It's a good way to indulge the ego, but not a direct way to health and happiness. In this 75-minute offering, Jeff will share some of the timeless undoing aspects of Avita Yoga and offer a simple class for your feet; some you may do in a chair, and there will be some standing shapes and an opportunity to lie on your back. You can (un)do it! Bring a belt, strap, or something like a bathrobe sash.

About The Speakers

Jeff Bailey

Jeff Bailey

Founder, Teacher, Author, Avita Yoga®