Lisa Natoli

Four Steps to Healing, Health & Happiness

A session with Lisa Natoli (Founder of The Healing Cure)

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About this Session

In truth, in the Absolute, there are NO steps for healing, health and happiness. What you seek for and what you want is what you are. But this is not most people’s experience when they are experiencing sickness, limitation, lack, suffering, sadness, fear, or pain. Saying “I am healed, whole, happy, in peace, rich, overflowing with abundance” as a positive affirmation does not produce real change or transformation. What DOES work is questioning the “I” that is seeking, searching and wanting things to be different. In this 90-minute interactive session, Lisa will offer 4 steps that include a short inner-investigation quiet time (after each of the 4 steps) so you can begin to see the “I” image that you call “me” and “myself” that doesn’t know what it wants, is attached to an outcome and doesn’t want peace. Once this is seen, healing and the end of seeking is certain.

About The Speakers

Lisa Natoli

Lisa Natoli

Founder of The Healing Cure