Stephan Bodian

Wake Up Now

A session with Stephan Bodian (Teacher, Founder of the School for Awakening)

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About this Session

Most of the time we're trapped in the illusion of being a separate person, defined by our limited narrative and struggling to find peace and happiness in a frightening and disappointing world. But the nondual spiritual traditions offer us a way out of our suffering and confusion: the recognition of our true nature as boundaryless openness that embraces reality just as it is.

In this presentation, you will receive direct pointers and guided meditations inviting you to wake up right now to your natural state of awakened awareness. Once awareness awakens to itself, you will discover the peace, happiness and love that are your birthright as a human being.

About The Speakers

Stephan Bodian

Stephan Bodian

Teacher, Founder of the School for Awakening