Roger Castillo

Seeking is a happening, and the end of Seeking is also a happening

A session with Roger Castillo (Spiritual Teacher)

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About this Session

In practical terms enlightenment or liberation is synonymous with unbroken peace of mind in daily living; this is not the gaining of new pleasures and end of pain, but rather the absence or end of psychological suffering. It’s the deeply ingrained attitude of personal doership which is at the core of the various forms of suffering, and an awakening to the “happening” of life reveals one’s unbroken connection to Source.

Roger describes the totality of life as a "Happening according to God's Will." It's the blindedness to this which leads to inevitable suffering, which is our unhappiness in life. Ironically even the blindness is a happening and not "our doing." Seeking happens…life gets Known radically differently…and then the end of Seeking happens.

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Roger Castillo

Roger Castillo

Spiritual Teacher