Bill Free

The Journey of Seeking to the Knowing of Being

A session with Bill Free (Founder, Pure Presence Productions LLC)

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About this Session

After a brief talk and abiding meditation, Bill invites you to know as a direct experience your own true nature through self-awareness and a gentle guided inquiry to come face to face with I Am consciousness. The Course describes this as Christ Consciousness accessed in The Holy Instant where we set aside the personal self identity in favor of abiding Awareness.

Bill calls this “awakening awareness” as a temporary concession allowing the mind that thought it was separate to gradually experience itself until self-realizing drops in and embodied mindfulness is understood and known.

You will be invited to ask questions like, What happens after awakening? Why are we here? Was this all a mistake? How will we know when we're really awake?

Thank you for joining.

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Bill Free

Bill Free

Founder, Pure Presence Productions LLC