Amoda Maa

The Paradox of Being Fully Awake and Fully Human

A session with Amoda Maa (Spiritual Teacher and Author)

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About this Session

The traditional spiritual view of awakening as a transcendence of the human experience often leads to spiritual bypassing. Amoda offers a more contemporary understanding of awakening and explores what it means to “know the unbroken in the midst of the broken.” In other words, is it possible to abide as the indivisibility of open awareness whilst still functioning in the world as an individuated human being? And is it possible to transcend identification with the content of our experience without denying the rawness of the direct felt sense? Amoda speaks from the depth of her own direct realization of awakened awareness and her long period of integration of this truth into ordinary life.

About The Speakers

Amoda Maa

Amoda Maa

Spiritual Teacher and Author