Ellen Emmet

The Awakening Body

A session with Ellen Emmet (Therapist, Teacher)

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About this Session

Drawn by our deepest longing, we gather in the invisible shrine.

At the door we leave our beliefs and our ideas. We enter barefoot. We are open. We are together in openness.

During the session, we will welcome our direct experience and let it reveal its palpable reality of unconditional love. Within it the layers of suffering that seem to keep us separate from the totality naturally surface.

Our particular focus is our body, allowing it to be our mirror and our pathway, our prayer, and our cry and ultimately the shining expression of our shared essence and unique individual shape.

Together, we will listen to its tactile, emotional, and energetic language and allow it to simply unfold and blossom in its natural original intelligence.

Along the way, held traumas find open pathways, tensions touch the possibility of relaxation, stories find fresh formulations, expression is liberated, and we may discover the effortless movement of healing.

About The Speakers

Ellen Emmet

Ellen Emmet

Therapist, Teacher