Loch Kelly

Infinite and Intimate: Living Awake in the World

A session with Loch Kelly (Awakening Teacher & Psychotherapist, Founder of Effortless Mindfulness Institute)

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About this Session

This will be an experiential session to explore a unique way to shift out of the seeker and into our already awake nature. The surprise is that we can learn to immediately access awake consciousness which knows and moves without needing to create a doer or ego manager. We will explore the nondual unity of realizing infinite pure awareness arising as our intimate imperfect human life. We feel boundless with boundaries, like a unique wave arising from the ocean of unconditional loving presence. Come learn a simple map and a direct way to move from head space to heart mind so we can live awake in the world.

About The Speakers

Loch Kelly

Loch Kelly

Awakening Teacher & Psychotherapist, Founder of Effortless Mindfulness Institute